Voices of our Students

comj  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the Saturday morning classes you hold at Sandgate, it is an absolute delight to dance at your venue each week and I intend to continue doing NIA with you well into my MATURE years. It is just such a joy to finally find a form of gentle exercise for the WHOLE body that has MIND, BODY and SPIRIT as its focus. I LOVE IT!!!!! With much love and gratitude for your wealth of Sharing.

comj  I work in an office environment and the majority of my time is spent sitting in front of a computer.  I attend Helen’s Nia classes because for me, it’s my time to escape and release tension.  I have been attending Helen’s Nia classes over the past year now, after each class my muscles and joints are loosened and I feel energised.  Not only do I go for those benefits but I also enjoy the social aspect, meeting new people.  In a way, Helen’s classes have reminded me of drama classes – having the freedom to release your inner child and let your body take over in creative dance.  Helen incorporates interaction in her classes which has helped my self esteem.  I enjoy Helen’s classes and find that each class I am trying new things (new ways to move my body) and put more effort into my dance movements.