About Helen

“You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you.”  Isadora Duncan.    During my 45 young years, I have tasted many styles of fitness – from the leg warmer aerobics in the 80s, to step and circuit classes in the 90s and everything Les Mills in between.  Upon embracing Nia in 2009, my attitude towards my sustainable health and wellbeing transformed and continues to evolve with ongoing learning and understanding.

The somatic essence of Nia allowed me to come home to my own body – to feel and sense a connection that I lost many years ago through abuse and neglect. From the moment the first beat of music pumps out, a smile spreads across my face, my cells tingle in anticipation and my body begins to sing – Nia is my natural high that lasts all day.  I get to play, yell, imagine, dance, laugh, melt, sway, sweat, crawl, roll, receive, connect, touch, feel, kick, shimmy and punch my way into well-being, health and fitness.
The aim of Joy of Movement is to spread the magic and awareness of Nia, Ageless Grace and other movement forms in the community, so others may start their own journey of self-discovery, and come home to their own body and live a vibrant, healthy and Joyful life.


Helen Suchting is a Blue Belt Nia Instructor, Nia 5 Stages Instructor and Certified Ageless Grace Educator.  She also holds a Cert IV in Psychosomatic Therapy.
She offers a range of classes for adults and kids, private tuition, corporate and special events and Playshops.